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Our founder's one person show, takes you on an eleven year emotional journey from pre diagnosis through the day his doctor said he was cured. 


Despite being a serious topic, the show is equal parts laughter and tears culminating into a tremendous amount of gratitude.  To date, the show has been performed in New York City, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.   



The Joy Juice Smile Tour Has Two Upcoming Stops...


FALL 2018

In partnership with The JCC Manhattan

In partnership with USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

20 teen and young adult cancer patients are celebrated at each event, complete with a runway show and reveal.  Celebrity makeup artists and stylists work with our stars of the night, before they show the world just how much Joy Juice they have! 


Our tremendous audience of parents, donors, and other VIP guests, are treated to a big night of amazing celebrity appearances, as well as the emotional one-man show, by Joy Juice founder, Danny Alotta.


A huge thanks to all of our community and brand partners that help supply these young adults with cool gifts, as a reminder of just how wonderful they are!

Los Angeles Photo by Molly Martirez on Unsplash
New York City Photo by Tom Ritson on Unsplash
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