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Joy Juice is all about the kids and our goal is to make them feel like a celebrity.  Our programs were created to help raise the spirits of young people that are dealing with cancer. Teen cancer patients are often misplaced as they're put with either pediatric or adult patients.  However, anyone that's ever been a teenager knows this is a category unto itself.  Therefore, Joy Juice not only wants to boost the spirits and confidence of these young people, but also give them a voice and a place to be heard.

Founded in the fall of 2013 by Danny Alotta, Joy Juice is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization that empowers teens and young adults affected by cancer through peer empowerment and art therapy interventions.  As he walked out the door for his first round of chemotherapy, Danny said to his parents “It’s time for my Joy Juice!”  Believing if he looked good, he’d feel good, Danny gave himself fashion makeovers by getting all dressed up to receive his chemo - his “Joy Juice.”


While in the hospital, Danny's cousin Billy would bring him his absolute favorite: New sneakers.  Getting to put them on reignited his confidence and gave him a more positive outlook.  Because of these experiences, he founded Joy Juice to help other young people traveling along a similar journey. 

Meet Danny Alotta.  As a young boy, you couldn’t tell him that he wasn’t going to be a professional athlete.  As a life enthusiast, he'd like to consider himself a professional amateur athlete.

However, as an entrepreneur Danny has modeled, worked in fashion, sports, entertainment, marketing, restaurants, hold on...and foundations.  

Having cancer led him to want to do it all.  Today it has made Danny an author, an actor, the founder and head of the Joy Juice foundation, and overall a better person.  Danny says, "I am extremely humbled by all things Joy Juice, as cancer has had as much to do with who I am as the parents that raised me."

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